Thursday, November 29, 2012

內在的世界 Internal world

There is only an internal world creating the internal experience. The external existence, has no meaning, no power, just is.  The mind filters the external existence, translated it into our internal experience.  There is a lot that is lost in translation.

So if you have a bad experience, you created it.  Good experience, you also created it. If your life has been a constant agony, you created it. If you life is beautiful and enjoyable, you created it.  so look back into ourselves, how did we create our reality?







One may argue, such and such person or event caused me to feel this way. One must have not been able to observe the inner process that created the internal experience.  There is no trick to master this skill but willingness to observe and willingness to see this truth. It takes meditation, being quiet with the self, and diligent practice.

One may live one's entire life without ever acknowledging the existence of such inner process. They simply struggle in powerlessness, which is, just another form of experience.



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