Monday, September 9, 2013

Death of a Sin

Sin, it was an archery terminology, it means “to miss the mark” or “miss the target”. Sin really means 'miss the point', "off the target', 'away from its original meaning"…..

When we misunderstood something, we missed the mark. When we misinterpret something, we missed the mark. When we explain things different from its original meaning or intention, we missed the mark. When we see things from a perspective different from its original one, we missed the mark!

In current Christian terminology, it had a different meaning, it has been said to mean "violating God's will".

So, what is God's will? what does it mean by violating God's will? 

Since Everything is One, is God, one with God and one with everything, God's will is "What is".

When we observe the world's events, and we started imposing out ideas of how everything is supposed, we are missing the mark! That world is what is. It is the way it is, because there were reason that caused it to be this way and it was somehow necessary to be this way. There was a "Law of Attraction" cause and effect that manifested what is. When you see all the reasons that contributed to the way it is, and understand why it was necessary to be this way, you will finally get the point. 

If you are only complaining about it and did nothing to make changes, you are totally missing the mark.

If you feel that there is something to be done to make a better future, then start with a happy, joyous attitude and gratitude, visualizing what you like to see happen, utilizing the power of Law of Attraction, and take action in making changes. 

If you are holding on anger, resentment, and hatred, it is better that you do nothing and work on your healing first.  Because your anger, resentment and hatred will contribute to creating more of what you angry, resent and hate.  This is Law of Attraction. 

What is, is a creation and result of all there was.  What is, was a 'perfectly harmonious' state of existance, a natural happening of all there was. 

If you want to see something different, then you have to start a process of creation.  It is not by holding an attitude of anti-something with anger and resentment. You know this only contribute to more of the same thing.

This process of creation is by finding inner peace with what you saw; then with much Love and Gratitude, visualizing what you like to see and feel its formation and existence within your heart. By using Law of Attraction, you can actively participate in the creation process of a new reality. 

Death of a ego, is when we let go of an identity (or many identities) that we hang on to, when we stop imposing ideas of how and what that identity should do or be. The idea of who we are and what we represent to others.... when we let that identity go, when we no longer has any emotional attachment towards that identity (those identities), we let go of our ego.  

Death of a sin, is when we let go of the ideas of "what is" is supposed to be. When we hold on to our ideas and opinions of how the world is supposed to be, how we are supposed to be, or how others are supposed to be.... we continue to sin, continue to miss the mark. 

Death of a sin, is when you no longer holding your personal principles of rights and wrongs; when you accepted Universal Law, you accepted what is. 

When we let go of the idea of something "is not right", and that it is "supposed to be another way", and all of what we thought the world was supposed to be..... we let go of the image of life that we cling to. We no longer have to fight or struggle. We can learn to understand why things are the way it is, we are finally free of our own interpretation of our reality.... and accept what is. This is..... the death of the sin! 

Accepting what is peacefully does not mean you give up your power to create. It just mean that you no longer struggle, you no longer create internal pain and suffering. It means that you do not feel indignant, angry, resentful or hateful. It means that you can fully create with the Law of Attraction and not creating contraindicating force with your inner struggle. 

We can learn from within what we can change and shift to make the new reality appear. But the new reality will not happen until we accepted what is with peace. 

note: This article is an inspiration during my meditation in Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges, Belgium, in July of 2013. 

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