Sunday, June 26, 2016

蓋婭訊息:動物靈訊 -老鼠




Rats are social animals that are highly adaptable and expert survivalists. They drive for success maybe too hard or not hard enough, if restless with others it helps to become more adaptable to them and the situations. Rat medicine will teach how to be resourceful in the midst of environmental and emotional changes. He will give strength and trust in the process of current changes and lend security in overcoming worldly ideals. 


Have you accumulated too much mental and emotional baggage? Rat will aid in examining what is not needed any longer and allow truth to come forth in the midst of worldly illusions. Is it time to let go of thoughts, ideals, perceptions or people and places? Rat medicine will instill self assurance and transform fear into abundance. There is much wisdom in how Rat moves, watch and listen.


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