Monday, September 12, 2016

7 Phases of Integrity Gaia Light Matrix ~ 蓋婭光陣「誠正德行』七部曲



Gaia message for today is about the different phase in the development of Integrity.

Human in their path of development, spiritually and consciously, there are different stages of understanding and realization in Integrity.  In the Universe's perspective, during the evolution of a soul, there is no judgement or wrong doing. There are consequences that follow our decisions and action. These consequences guides us to learn and evolve, developing our inner truth of integrity.

蓋婭帶領著我排列一系列7個光陣。這個系列叫做「誠正七部曲」,每一個光陣有不同的能量與意義。Gaia guided me in making this series of 7 Light Matrix called "The Seven Phases of Integrity" . Each of them has a specific energy and meaning.